Dania Valdez

-Story teller, beauty seeker, nature lover, art discoverer, world explorer, memories giver-

Hello ! My name is Dania, I'm a -proudly- mexican artist, my life is dedicated to the seek of the beauty  in the world, I think this world is so full of glorious people, places , animals, nature and visual poetry.  

My traveler and adventurous soul finds art in so many things that I just couldn't define for one specific type of photography, so I love to do many of them. 

When I was 20 I left home to go for the big dream, being a famous recognized fashion photographer,  being in the cover of every magazine, I was working harder and harder for that dream everyday, and 3 years later, getting so close to it, I just felt like dropping off  everything and go to live to nature. And then I truly found who I really was inside, that was my real dream, travel and explore the world and tell the people how do I see it with my art.

This is my way to speak and share my feelings, emotions, thoughts , interpretation of this huge wold that surrounds us. 

Just me , my soul, mind , a huge backpack and my camera. 

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