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As a creative and nomad spirit, my joy for sharing my passion and experiences with other people and my curiosity for the world that surrounds me, made me want to know people around the world who shares a love for art, community, spirituality and wellness. So I created "Luminaria" <esp: device which can control and distribute the light emitted by one or different lamps>, a welcoming space for community, workshops, wellness, discover and grow inner-artist, sharing and connect souls. Luminaria consists in different activities such as photowalks, retreats, workshops, tours, and others; based in always different locations around the world. This my/ our sacred - space surrounded by nature , where assistants can develop creative and technical skills in photography and art direction.  A boundary between human , visual poetry, and spiritual connecting.


Human is art, creation and love. A human connected in mind, body and soul, is a house of healing and high vibrating energy, and this is the medicine we want to share to the world.


Provide an experience to  people for exploring the artist living inside the soul and manifest it into physical and real,  connecting their skills with the spirit and develop them thru photography expressions and wellness.


Contact for receiving digital invitations for upcoming activities and community groups.

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